What UD Is/Isn’t About

What fatherhood can feel like (or...caption this?)

What fatherhood can feel like (or…caption this?)

If you’re wondering about my degrees, my expertise on parenting that lends credibility to the gold nuggets I offer on this blog, you’ll find none—none that probably matter, anyway. I therefore take no responsibility if you follow my advice on anything and it doesn’t work. I’m simply a working dad sharing his mind/experiences on life and parenting as he sees it. My kids are different than yours; I’m different than you. We are going to see things differently. And even though I’m right and in no way stubborn about it, I’m certain you will have some legitimate counter arguments to my findings as you read the posts/pages.

No, if you’re looking for guidance on parenting, go somewhere else. If you’re a parent hoping to share in someone else’s frustrations experiences about parenting young children, this may be a good spot for you. Or, if you’ve yet to take the parenting plunge and want a peek into the world, or have no intentions of ever dipping into that world but have the urge to laugh from afar at those who have, while sipping your freakin’ mai tais with the umbrellas in the glass and staring out at the tropical beach in 90-degree weather…you  bastard… We parents NEVER get umbrellas in ANY of our drinks! Swirly straws? Sure, but the kids always bite the ends of them so you can never get a good flow going, and don’t even get me started about how there’s NEVER any good drinks left to mix your alcohol vitamins in…

Anyway, I love hearing from people, so please, please, please chime in and share your stories in the comments.